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Step into CloudCuddler – a thriving hub tailored for developers, cloud engineers, DevOps enthusiasts, and system administrators.

I’m Saurabh Kumar Singh, a part-time blogger and Technical Architect hailing from Ghaziabad, India

Embarking on this venture in May 2021, CloudCuddler (cloudcuddler.com) serves as a knowledge haven, delving into subjects such as DevOps, Amazon Cloud, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Terraform, How-to guides, and much more. Through this platform, I share my firsthand experiences with the latest trends in Cloud and DevOps technologies. My primary objective is to foster a flourishing DevOps community by providing top-notch, in-depth articles.

Join me on this journey as we explore and navigate the ever-evolving realms of Cloud and DevOps.

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